Educational Clinics

We at Grandview have generations of collected and built up horse experience. We have shown draft horses for over 3 decades at the highest level and have owned, over a hundred head of Clydesdales at one time for multiple years. We have been industry leaders in the draft horse show ring in both hitch and halter classes, and in the breeding draft horse world. We have seen and dealt with draft horse issues for decades and have the techniques to solve them. Grandview is your all-around draft horse farm that has the expertise at the highest level in all aspects of the draft horse world.

Draft Horse 101 Clinic

This 3 day clinic is designed to implement the foundation knowledge of first time or beginner to intermediate draft horse owners. The clinic is based on the needs and abilities of the attendants. We like to keep our workshops small and hands on so that everyone gets the attention they deserve.

  • Draft horse terminology
  • Horse parts
  • Desired Confirmation
  • Different breed standards
  • Temperaments amoung the different breeds
  • Things horses do and what they mean
  • Buying Guide
  • Foot care
  • Picking up feet safely for horse and owner
  • Deworming
  • Grooming
  • Washing
  • Clipping
  • Feeding
  • Off feed concerns
  • What horses should not eat
  • Proper hay to feed
  • Understanding horse digestion
  • Maintenance routine day, week, month, year
  • Suppiles used and where to purchase them
  • Haltering/leading
  • Trailering and hauling
  • How to tie safely
  • Handling safety for you and your horse
  • Housing
  • Cost to properly maintain
  • Vital signs
  • Taking your horses temperature
  • How to clean a stall properly
  • How to bed a stall properly
  • A glimpse into the draft horse show world
  • Disciplines for drafts
  • Some tricks of the trade

Everything Show Clinic

This 3 day clinic is designed to teach the attendants how to prepare a draft horse from head to toe for the showring. This would be for both hitch and halter classes.
Your instructors will educate you in the proper showmanship technique and style of how to show a draft horse on the halter. There will be a judged showmanship class within the clinic. This will test your showmanship abilities with positive crete eking.
You will also be taught proper draft horse confirmation and what is desired within each breed within the showrin g. This will give you a good understanding of what the horse is being judged on.
The clinic also supplies you with a basic draft horse show checklist. This list consists of items that are needed when packing the trailer to head to a show. We will also provide a draft horse show schedule so you know what shows are out there to participate in.
The clinic covers the draft horse show experience in its entirety. The depth of this discussion will be determined by the level within the group.
This clinic is VERY HANDS ON. You will be introduced to washing, clipping, rolling manes, tying tails just to name a few, with all expert instruction right by your side.
After taking the Everything Show Clinic you will come away with the hands on experience and confidence that you will need to enter your first show.

This is why you choose Grandview

We have had multiple champions, in multiple breeds. In the halter and hitch ring Grandview Clydesdales has had many National and World Champions over decades of State, National and World shows.
We not only raise the majority of what we show, but we also fit and prepare them ourselves. We do all of our own showing in both halter and hitch classes, and have done so for 30+ years. Our show string has consisted of over 20 head of halter horses at one time, for multiple show seasons. Grandview is one of three Clydesdale six horse hitches to ever win the North American Classic Series Six Horse Hitch Finals in its 29th year running. Out of those three Clydesdale hitches we were the only family owned are the only hitch still going today.
When it comes to teaching about draft horse confirmation and what a professional judge is looking for; who better qualified than Shannon with 23 years of judging experience. He is more than qualified in this department. He has judged; Clydesdales, Shires, Percherons, Belgians, American Creams, Suffock Punch, Haflingers, Gypsy Vanner’s, and all breeds of draft ponies. He has judged at the National and World level in both the hitch and halter divisions.

Breeding and Foaling Clinic

This 3 day clinic is jam packed full of decades of knowledge and experience, guiding you through this amazing and rewarding process.
We will give you the basic knowledge to become successful in this branch of horse ownership. We breakdown the whole process from preheat cycle to weaning. You will be able to ask the RIGHT questions with confidence.
You learn about all types of breeding options. This includes live cover, fresh AI, chilled AI and frozen AI with pro’s and con’s of each.
Foaling is one of the most magical times but it can also be very stressful and frustrating if not prepared with the right knowledge.
Learn from our experience first hand. Come away from our breeding and foaling clinic confident, knowledgeable and excited to start this wonderful journey.

This is why you choose Grandview

This is Grandview’s specialty. We are one of the pioneers of breeding and foaling in the Clydesdale industry. Being the VERY first Clydesdale farm and one of the first draft horse farms to ever ship chilled semen. We were also the VERY first Clydesdale farm to successfully freeze our own stallion semen and produce a live foal from this process. His name was Grandview Eli’s Just In Step. He went onto to win many awards and sired many foals. Including the famous breeding stallion at Budweiser at one time, Glenbuchat.
We do every aspects of the breeding process ourselves….right from ultrasounding, collecting, semen preparation for frozen and chilled semen, insemination and shipping. We currently have four standing stallions at the farm, with frozen semen in our personal tank. We have bred and foaled out hundreds and hundreds of draft horse foals. We have the proper techniques that has what it takes to get these draft foals up and going.

Everything Driving Clinic

This 3 day draft horse driving clinic will give you hands on experience with all things driving related. From learning all harness parts to harnessing a horse the proper and safe way. Your instructor will teach you proper hitching and unhitching procedures.
We go through driving techniques and individual concerns first hand with professional instructors at your side. Stop trying to learn the art of driving from a blog or forum, get hands on experience.

This is why you choose Grandview

Your instructors Shannon and Karen have been driving horses for 30+ years.
Shannon started driving the Grandview 6 and 8 horse hitch at the age of 15 at the Live Oak Invitational. He has been awarded best driver at multiple National competitions. Shannon does all our training of the horses at our farm which reflexes in our hitch doing so well all across North America at the elite level.
Karen’s first competitive competition was at the age of 9 years old, where she won many junior titles. She has went on winning at the National and World level. Being the reining US World Champion Ladies Cart and Ladies Team driver at the last US World Clydesdale Show. Making these two instructors, leaders in the driving world.

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