Breeding Services

After downsizing their herd to 42, Grandview Clydesdales are still considered one of the largest Clydesdale breeding operations in the world.

They stand 3 aged stallions that they collect and ship semen to clients all across the country. Grandview Clydesdales was the first Clydesdale farm to successfully freeze Clydesdale semen and produce a live foal from this process. Truly pioneers in the Clydesdale breeding industry. They do all their own ultra-sounding, collecting, insemination or shipping depending were the mare is housed.

Stallions Available for Breeding

Grandview Charlie’s Showtime

Dark bay, narrow white blaze face, left front leg is dark, right front leg white to above the knee, hind legs white to the hocks,

Maplewood Lorna’s Lonnie

Bay, wide white blaze face, chin and underjaws white, left foreleg mixed light and dark hair, right foreleg white to above the knee, hind legs

Clydesdale Shows

Shannon and Karen also show competitively in the US and Canada, within the breeding classes and all series of hitch classes from the single to the eight horse hitch, which they have raised the majority that they show. As of to date Grandview Clydesdales has won 36 World titles, 314 USA National titles and 238 Regional titles.

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